The Fortunes of Africa: A 5000-Year History of Wealth, Greed, and Endeavor

This book is a lengthy, deep, and rich in detail. It spans 5000 years of history on this continent and explores the true breadth and interrelationships of the varied regions of Africa. I found it quite eye opening to get a deep sense of the wealth, diversity, challenges, peoples, currents of history, oppression, and growth in this ancient place. I read this in preparation for my trip to Malawi to do business training and development and found it quite helpful to understand the history at a regional as well as cultural level. This continent and it’s peoples have so much opportunity to collectively grow out of its very low level of economic development but I believe for others to help (non-African’s) they much first have a deep understanding of the varied and sordid history of the continent as an essential first step in approaching helping others there. Without the sense of history and context people will be lost in all the currents of influence and historical precedent that are still apparent there. I recommend this book to anyone interested in African history but also colonialism and the globalisation of the world during the 1600-1900’s periods in particular.