Who: The A Method for Hiring

Who: The A Method for hiring is a well thought out, practical, validated approach to developing a robust people process focused on hiring top talent in a systematic, focused, and ultimately, long term success focused way. Smart and Street take the lessons learned from the largest research study of it’s kind at the time to help solve one of the never ending challenges of owning, operating, and managing an organization and that is finding, retaining, and developing top talent. I’ve shared this book with entrepreneur peers, managers I know, business owners I’ve consulted for, and many others I interact with that have faced the challenge of finding and retaining top talent. Sadly, I find many small to medium sized business have ad hoc and non-standard ways they approach searching for, interviewing, selecting, hiring, onboarding, and training new talent in their organizations. This costs a huge amount of time, productivity, and ultimately money, but results in dissatisfied managers, new hires, and existing employees. This book is highly readable and is practical in its methods. I recommend this book for leaders, managers, project managers, and HR professionals looking for a thorough and well researched method for hiring great people.